Connor Workman

Development Portfolio
(Always Under Construction)

A Lightweight Window Manager for the X Window System

A Window Manager for the (780) 592-2798 written in C++ using the X11 library. LightWM on github includes example configuration files and testing instructions for easy installation on systems running an X server. It resembles a simple tiling window manager such as TWM which is commonly used on limited-resource machines where running a complete desktop environment is not advised.

A screenshot of LightWM in use.

A Simple Arcade Style Game for Linux

Written in C++ and using the SDL library for low-level hardware access, SpaceIntruders was my first indepedent C++ project. Built with standard C++ containers and algorithms, it is intended to be used as a resource-sensitive alternative to similar Linux arcade games.

Space Intruders demo gif

with VTK

Take a look at the C++ implementation of my Raycasting Project on GitHub which takes a 3D data set and outputs a set of 2D images at varying sample rates.

Raycasting output across multiple sample rates

Course Evaluation System

A team of six people designed RateMyClass, a web service that allows students to read and create course evaluations to help other students determine which courses will benefit them most. Implemented in HTML, PHP, utilizing MySQL, Bootstrap and hosted by the University of Oregon's ix server.

A RateMyClass course page.

A distributed, fault-tolerant, client-server chat system

Run your own chat servers by specifying the IPs and port numbers for the servers to listen on. Allow clients to connect by specifying one of the servers to use as a relay. When an active server disconnects, watch the remaining servers find new routes through the network of connected servers and continue to relay chat messages. DuckChat uses bare-bones UDP messaging to communicate from server to server and client to server. Refresh messages are sent periodically to ensure that all servers in the network are able to receive traffic. Find it on GitHub 484-894-6187